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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Detritus 3 2010 Digital print

Detritus 2 2010 [ work in progress]
part of a series of digital prints.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Detritus 2010 Ltd edition Print

Part of a new series of digital images of shorelines work in progress 2010

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Well good news for fans of good books, I have finally managed to get the book of paintings proofed and it will be available within next few weeks, it is full colour with over 50 images of paintings and includes an essay on my work and some photos of work in progress in the studio. It can be obtained from me at £16.00 + £1.50 P&P.
Worth every penny and then some......
New publication from Palgrave featuring a chapter I have co written with Ruth Way on 'Authenticity and perception in the making of Utah Sunshine, A Dance Theatre Arts film.'
The book is Sensualities/Textualities and Technologies Edited by Susan Broadhurst and Josephine Machon.

Angel and Radio 1988

oil on board 35cms by 25cms
Another ' lost' image from the 80's, what is he listening to?
Note Halo, wing and large newt......

The New Crusaders 1987

Oil on board 250 cms by 125cms

Another lost image found recently, this was a major work from the mid 80's which alas did not survive studio purges! This painting probably came closest to what I was trying to do with heavy outline over spontaneous grounds, again it would seem to question faith and has much religious symbolism, celestial blues, crosses, torches, fish, hearts. Always possible to recreate though!

A word in your ear 1990 Oil and mixed media on paper

I found some old slides in a box the other day and had totally forgotten about this painting, not sure what was going on but looks a bit like I was intent on commenting on the notion of doubt, and temptation, maybe of paganism vs christianity, there sure was a lot of green about in this background obviously symbolic!