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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A selection of paintings

 I have managed to get a cross section of some of the work I have produced over the past few years up onto this site. I hope you may get some idea of the kinds of things I have been working on and hope you are encouraged to leave a bit of feedback as to your personal favorites or other messages and comments of a critical nature!
I am currently having a gentle pause from painting which knowing me will probably end later this week..... as I attempt to get my boat into the water for the first time since I started restoration on it at least 4 years ago.... and  I intend to start work on a new series of larger scale paintings for the exhibition I am mounting at the University of Exeter in early November this year, more details will follow....... and more images, probably of some older paintings, to show the development of it all. 
I am really doing this to see all the work again in preparation for a book which I hope to be organising this year and also to let people see much of the work I do which is never around when people drop by... its always " off to the gallery" so now you know 
Thanks for looking 


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